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OPINION: Arizona governor candidate explains priorities for administration

I hope I do not sound too quixotic a candidate. I have every reason to believe that my proposals are definitely tenable.
I am a firm believer that there is no issue in this universe that does not have a solution.

I am not in a business of looking for plaudits. My seminal object in life had always been and will be to gain the favor of our almighty God, as the entire mankind will return eventually to Him. He sent us to this universe one by one and will call us back one by one as we know.

My priorities are as follows:

•Eradication of poverty in Arizona, following these three principles: helping relatives, helping orphans and then if you still have funds left over help out all the needy people. It can resolve many issues.
•Raise minimum wages. As of now U.S. ranks 11th with $7.25 average, Benelux country Luxembourg ranks No. 1 with $12.50 per hour.
•Raise salaries for teachers, while making them accountable to the students for their behavior and moral ethics. Will propose dress code for girl students, make it mandatory to wear long pants with short sleeve blouses/shirts.
•In order to create new jobs I will establish tax-free industrial zones in order to lure the mega industrialists to move to Arizona.
•Reduce the prison population to the minimum. The state of Arizona spends $2 million per day, which is absolutely insane ($68 per day for 30,000 prisoners). The U.S. houses the largest prisoner population in the whole wide world. Do away with the private prisons in Arizona.
•Tourism industry has countless potentials. Authorities continuously atrophied the chances to promote. I shall hire a prominent tourism consultant for showboating our spectacular sites such as Grand Canyon, Show Low, Sedona, Flagstaff etc.
•I would very much like to see two conspicuous changes in the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. wants every immigrant to learn and speak English, which is a fair pre-qualification. Amazingly enough the U.S. does not have English as the national language. What will it take the Congress to incorporate it in the Constitution? I believe it’s about time.

I am beguiled to know as to how the U.S. Constitution is described as a Judeo-Christian country. I would still like to know how and when this idea was born. To me it is mind-blowing. The most sacrosanct name in Christianity is Jesus and revered name in Islam. There is a consensus that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three Abrahamic religions.

Hope my plea for change in the U.S. Constitution will be supported by all right-thinking Americans.

Fareed Baig
Candidate for Arizona governor
Gold Canyon