Jackson: Are you undecided on the Higley schools override?

The day I got my property tax statement in the mail, I questioned why it had gone up so much from the prior year. I logged onto treasurer.maricopa.gov, and entered my parcel number.  I saw the line item for “Higley Unified Overrides” — my tax bill increased 403% in one year.  I was sick to […]

Bisson: Events bring economic gain to Valley

Scottsdale boasts large events annually that make a significant impact on its local economy and beyond. Several of those events are housed at WestWorld, 16601 N. Pima Road, including Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions, the Arabian Horse Show and the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships. The Seidman Research Institute released the economic impact WestWorld makes in the […]

Dyer: Register by Oct. 7 to vote in your school district’s election

It’s election time, when voters such as you and me receive, mark and mail-in our ballots for school-district questions. Voters in the Queen Creek and Higley unified school district boundaries will decide next month if they can continue maintenance and operations 15% budget overrides. HUSD is also asking to modify a list of previously approved […]

Goldstein: ‘No’ to increasing school-district funding

Concerning Queen Creek and Higley (“Nov. 5 election: Queen Creek, Higley school districts seek budget overrides,” queencreekindependent.com/news/nov-5-election-queen-creek-higley-school-districts-seek-budget-overrides): Why is it that anything related to government can only think about increasing taxes to get additional revenue?  I never hear about any measures to reduce spending. Besides, as the value of our home goes up, the school […]

Dyer: Annexation of State Trust land bridging gap between Queen Creek, Apache Junction

On a recent morning, I drove south on Ironwood Drive from U.S. Highway 60 on the State Trust land route between the City of Apache Junction and the Town of Queen Creek. Because of the recent annexation of State Trust land by the Town of Queen Creek south of the State Route 24 corridor and […]

Brown: Get the lead out of drinking water at schools

By now, school children in Arizona have brought markers, scissors, folders and other supplies to class. Although children are bringing items they need to learn and succeed, Arizona is failing to supply safe drinking water in schools across our state. According to the Arizona Department of Environment Quality, of the 13,380 taps tested at schools in […]

Bisson: Independent Newsmedia supports local charities

We believe charity begins at home. Thanks to a generous grant given to us last fall by the Pakis Center for Business Philanthropy, we’ve been able to help nonprofit charities across the Valley with marketing campaigns or news stories to promote their worthy causes. Thus far, we’ve provided double the grant’s initial value of $40,000 […]

Gosalia: 7 reasons to move to a Life Plan Community sooner rather than later

It is important to plan for the future. Planning for the future means contemplating the right time to move into a Life Plan Community, a living option that encourages an active independent lifestyle. This decision may come with a lot of questions and maybe even a little bit of apprehension. Some people try to stay […]

Elkins: Life is a balancing act

When you think of balance, you might think of balancing your commitments, juggling responsibilities or maintaining a work-life balance. Most adults don’t prioritize their physical balance until a serious health event occurs or after they have already experienced a fall.   As we age, our bodies begin to lose some of the protective mechanisms that exist […]