Barney: Vote by May 15 on General Plan, which provides framework for the future

As a Queen Creek resident of nearly 70 years, this community and its residents are near and dear to my heart. Growing up we knew everyone, with dirt roads and visits to Oscar’s, the local market. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Queen Creek take shape and change over the years. From our founding fathers […]

Frantz: Moved to San Tan Valley to get away from frivolous costs

In response to: “Speak Out: Moved to San Tan Valley to be rural Arizonans”: Well written. I have the same sentiments. I moved to get away from the “we need parks, rec centers and special pavers in the streets,” which always brought higher taxes. Most, nowadays, move to get away from frivolous costs and related […]

Speak Out: Moved to San Tan Valley to be rural Arizonans

I am taking you up on your invitation in the May 1, 2018, Queen Creek Independent, page 6, to comment on the potential incorporation of an area called San Tan Valley, Arizona, 85140. We moved here to continue to be rural Arizonans. We know what it is like to be forced out for the sake […]

Jenney, Brown: How exactly is our taxpayer money spent in Arizona?

As taxpayers in Arizona, our hard-earned money contributes to a wide range of items: Employee salaries. Health care. Education. Public safety. Office supplies. The list goes on and on. While reasonable people may disagree on how our taxpayer dollars should be spent, we should all be able to agree that public accountability can help to […]

Ahles: Happy Trails rescue offers respite for humans and canines alike

My husband Chad and I moved here from Racine, Wis. three years ago of course to escape the brutal winters. We suffered the loss of our dear Beagle “Snickers” just six months prior to moving and came out here as “empty nesters.” Five months after relocating to Arizona, we were lucky enough to see a […]

Bisson: active military remembered on Fridays, at homes

Roughly 1.3 military men and women are on active duty in the United States, and about 200,000 are overseas, according to statistics at the Defense Manpower Data Center. Before the color “red” became synonymous with education in Arizona, there’s been a more than decade-long effort to wear red on Fridays to show support for our […]

Turley: One councilman doesn’t speak for entire council on STV incorporation lawsuit issue

The entire story (“Town council files lawsuit against San Tan Valley incorporation petitions”) is postured around Robin Benning’s comment that we have to protect our planning area. In the future please verify with others before posturing an article of such a sensitive nature around one council member’s opinion using we. It should have said that […]

Gray: Important to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Stop for just a moment and give some thought to the feeling you would have if you were responsible for saving someone’s life. Think about your own destiny and what impact there would be if you were no longer here to enjoy the many positive aspects of life, including those who are left behind. Well, […]

OPINION: Civic-minded residents sought to help with San Tan Valley incorporation

On April 4 the Vote San Tan Valley Steering Committee submitted more than 5,000 signatures from San Tan Valley citizens asking the Pinal County Board of Supervisors to call an election on whether more than 100,000 people may form their own local government that reflects its citizens and objective. Although there have been challenges in […]

OPINION: Thank you for coverage of healthy breast tissue collection

I want to offer my sincere thanks to the women of the Phoenix area who selflessly donated a piece of themselves to breast cancer research. On Saturday, March 3, nearly 100 women allowed my colleagues and me to collect samples of their healthy breast tissue for use by the Komen Tissue Bank at the Indiana […]