Elkins: Life is a balancing act

When you think of balance, you might think of balancing your commitments, juggling responsibilities or maintaining a work-life balance. Most adults don’t prioritize their physical balance until a serious health event occurs or after they have already experienced a fall.   As we age, our bodies begin to lose some of the protective mechanisms that exist […]

Dill: Create your personal Medicare account

Would you like for a family member or caregiver to be able to call Medicare on your behalf? Would you like a way to store all your health records in one place online, so you can quickly share them with a new doctor or other healthcare provider? How about an easy way to print a […]

Biuso: Burn-out recognized as medical diagnosis by World Health Organization

Some days, your job may feel like an uphill battle. Perhaps it’s a struggle to be consistently productive or to even motivate yourself to get in the door. It’s normal to feel checked out of your job sometimes, but when you feel this daily it may be something more. Burn-out is no longer just a […]

Thornton: What are the Queen Creek Issues & Experts we ought to explore?

I was once told the virtue of the newspaper business — more acutely the idea of journalism itself — is found between the lines of art and science. The pursuit of journalistic truth is often a clumsy enterprise focused on identifying public issues and finding experts who can provide insights to variables that impact the […]

Dyer: ‘Shop Local’ and a local resident’s volunteer effort to build a community center in STV

Thank you to the residents and business owners of Queen Creek who took time out of their busy lives to answer my questions about shopping local and the benefits to the community. And also thank you to the Globe resident who shops in Queen Creek. I knew the town had a Shop QC program but […]

Golden: New clinic treats anyone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction

Intensive Treatment Systems is a medication assisted treatment provider that just opened its doors at a brand-new clinic at 36375 N. Gantzel Road in San Tan Valley.    ITS has been treating patients in Phoenix for over 30 years and is excited to finally offer these services to the residents of both Maricopa and Pinal counties.   […]

Gosar: Judge’s ruling on Rosemont Mine undermines Forest Service’s scientifically-based decision

On U.S. District Judge James Soto’s ruling halting the planned Rosemont Mine: The Rosemont Mine would be the third largest copper mine in the United States, an industry critical to Arizona’s economy. This ruling, from an Obama-appointed judge, undermines the scientifically-based decision made by the Forest Service at the behest of radical environmentalists. I look […]

Gosar: Amendment reduces our reliance on China

The supply of critical minerals are essential to our economy, vital defense systems and national security. There is no good reason we should rely on the good will of China for materials that are abundantly available in the United States. The passage of my amendment will reduce our reliance on China, bolster our country’s economy and […]

Gates: Happy Independence Day

As we celebrate the independence of our great nation, I wish all of you a safe and happy Fourth of July. Whether you are heading for cooler weather or staying in town, please celebrate safely and responsibly. With heightened fire danger this summer, I ask every one to use caution when celebrating with fireworks this […]

Gloria: Community center needed to provide assistance to children in Valley of the Sun Estates

With your help we can build a community center to provide immediate and low-cost assistance to all the children of the Valley of the Sun Estates who find themselves in a state of crisis. The center will host programs and develop strategies that will help parents at all levels of need, so that they in […]