Dorsey: Voters need facts to vote intelligently

Our right to vote in elections is our sacred American heritage. The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Phoenix thanks all the newspaper, radio and TV channels and other news media that are helping voters by providing needed information.  Voters need facts about candidates and issues in order to vote intelligently. With advances in technology, […]

Hamer: Sen. John McCain’s love and purpose

From consciousness I’ve always loved this country and what she stands for. America, as President Ronald Reagan called her, is the “shining city on a hill.” We are a good people. One that respects all others and strives always to do right. A nation dedicated to freedom, rule of law, respect of others, and the […]

Schnitzer: Falls a significant health threat to area seniors

Each year millions of older adults experience falls and fall-related injuries. Falls are serious and costly but they can be prevented. Falls Prevention Awareness Week is Sept. 22-28 – a time to highlight the dangers of falls and offer tips to avoid them. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one […]

Pfeifer: Encanterra should become part of Queen Creek

There are many small towns that are beautiful communities but not many can be called great. Before we explore what makes Queen Creek a great small town, I think we should ask ourselves what kind of a community are we and what do we in Encanterra hope to become? What binds us together and what […]

Autumn: Help lower employee stress and improve productivity

In the workplace, a modest amount of stress can be normal. But sustained levels of stress can be harmful and may lead to numerous health issues, affect professional and family relationships, and contribute to poor work performance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “40 percent of workers say that their jobs are […]

Pfeifer: Temporary management change at Johnson Utilities long overdue

It’s no secret that Johnson Utilities has serious problems that point directly to poor management practices. Some have questioned a decision to appoint EPCOR as the interim new managers of Johnson Utilities.  In my opinion this decision is not only smart but could be the only way Johnson Utility customers can get the quality of […]

Barney: Vote ‘yes’ for Home Rule in Queen Creek

The upcoming Home Rule vote is important for Queen Creek residents. Why? A “yes” vote allows local control over the budgeting process for the town. Under current state law, a “no” vote would result in a 75 percent cut to the town’s budget. Imagine public safety, streets, water, parks and every other budget being cut to […]

Hersch: Hit-and-run driver information sought

My son and I were driving eastbound on Combs just before Gantzel at 3:10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 2. We were returning home from American Leadership Academy High School orientation. We were struck hard from behind by a young Hispanic woman in a gray Chevrolet as we waited to turn south on Gantzel. I was dazed […]

Jacobs: British and Australian criminals still have guns

England and Australia are deep into a great social experiment to see if taking the firearms away from the people will reduce crime. The results are in now. It positively doesn’t. Actually, it makes things worse. See, their plan doesn’t include disarming the bad guys; just the good guys. Surprise! British and Australian criminals still […]

Sinema: Trade war threatens four of Arizona’s five C’s

When I was in elementary school, we were taught the five C’s of Arizona: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. The five C’s are essential ingredients to Arizona’s history and our shared identity. They’re also staples of our economy, supporting thousands of jobs in communities across the state. Unfortunately, an escalating and unnecessary trade war […]