Chucri: We don’t have to spend money to make a difference

You shouldn’t have to pay a lot in taxes to get a responsive, forward-thinking government. That’s why my colleagues and I just approved a budget for 2019 that decreases county spending year-over-year without sacrificing service. Again, this year, the tax rate is flat. There’s no increase. Even as our population grows at the fastest rate […]

Forese: Commissioners to discuss appointing interim manager for Johnson Utilities

In the matter of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s investigation of the billing and water quality issues of Johnson Utilities LLC, Docket No. WS-02987A-18-0050: It was reported to me that Johnson Utilities recently pulled over 30 water meters across San Tan Valley causing multiple construction projects to stop. This lack of water has also prevented the […]

Tomkiewicz: A war for the future of our communities, rural lifestyle

The folks living in the unincorporated San Tan Foothills Rural Community are in the unenviable position of sharing an extended border with the town of Queen Creek and therefore our two communities must interact on a variety of issues. The idea of working together for the greater good died a bitter death long ago when […]

Dyer: A 20-year tradition of honoring top students

I had the privilege of attending a recent Star Students presentation hosted by the town of Queen Creek. It was held in Historic Town Hall, 22350 S. Ellsworth Road. A total of 38 students from 10 elementary schools were honored. All had been recommended by school officials. Three council members and the mayor officiated at […]

Solis: Thank you for article on executive sessions

Hello Richard, Read your very good article, “Executive sessions: An examination of the closed-door ritual at QC council meetings.” Finally someone is checking on those meetings. Let them know that someone is watching and listening. Keep them on their toes. Hope to read more of this coverage. Felipe Solis Queen Creek

Chucri: Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend

This weekend, we pause to reflect upon the selfless men and women who have honorably served our nation and state and made the ultimate sacrifice to allow us our freedom. We pay tribute to their memory and remain forever indebted to them for their service. We remember those Arizonans currently serving, both at home and […]

Hamer: Tariffs on autos will hurt manufacturers and consumers

Once again, the Trump administration is putting at risk the tremendous economic growth that has resulted from its tax and regulatory reform agenda, by pursuing another harmful trade policy. As evidenced by its tariff policies on steel and aluminum, protectionist policies hurt U.S. consumers and U.S. manufacturers. If this investigation leads to tariffs on imported […]

Cloud, Dr. Deal: Independent interim management needed at Johnson Utilities

The Association of Christian Churches and Non-Profits, in San Tan Valley and in Queen Creek, stands in solidarity with the concerned citizens of San Tan Valley in seeking immediate justice and reform in the Johnson Utilities Co. for the health and welfare of our families, children, our water and our air. Since 2008, the ACCO,, […]

Smith: How the 20 percent pay raise for teachers works

With Arizona’s 2018-19 state budget now signed by the governor, I wanted to clearly explain how the 20 percent teacher pay raise was determined, how it will be provided to schools, who will be receiving raises and how much should educators expect – as there has been a great deal of misinformation about how this […]

Niu: ‘I want the future of San Tan Valley to thrive’

I was reading the Queen Creek Independent newspaper and read your article on “San Tan look to form local government.” I am a resident in unincorporated San Tan Valley but my mailing address is Queen Creek 85142 and not considered a “QC” resident. I was raised here in the San Tan mountains and have been […]