Leach: SB 1451 increases sense of integrity in Arizona initiative, referendum process

I am pleased Gov. Doug Ducey saw the benefits of my SB 1451. With his signing of the bill, Arizona has an increased sense of integrity in its initiative and referendum process. The making of law needs to be scrutinized in our state. The initiative process has a long history in Arizona, and it is […]

England: Vaccinations needed to protect our children, families

I’d like to try to offer some perspective in response to the recent guest commentary from Diane Douglas on vaccine safety (“Medical freedom in the land of the free,” Daily News-Sun, May 24, 2019). “Herd immunity” is a medical miracle, preventing millions of cases of disease and many deaths every single year. Yet it’s a […]

Palmaymesa: Mandatory military or Peace Corps service needed

We should implement a policy of mandatory military service for all upon graduation from high school. In the case of those who drop out, make the service mandatory at age 18. If they are unfit for military service, then service in the Peace Corps would be an acceptable alternative. If the person is not able […]

Dill: Know your Medicare rights and protections

Did you know that Medicare has an ombudsman to help you resolve complaints you may have about your healthcare? Congress created the job of Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman to assist people with Medicare with their inquiries, complaints, grievances, appeals, and requests for information. The Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman also shares information with Congress, the Secretary of Health […]

Bisson: Activist encourages leadership communication

Do you own the rights to your body? It’s a philosophical debate that has various answers depending on one’s viewpoint. The Arizona legislature considered Senate Bill 1475, also known as the DNA identification database bill, which could have mandated DNA testing for a broad range of occupations, including jobs already requiring fingerprinting. It failed in […]

Dyer: Was an employee promoted at your business?

The Queen Creek Independent newspaper welcomes news from local businesses. Let readers know about employee promotions, achievements, honors or recognitions, new products or services, changes in ownership and management or new hours, etc. News can be in print and at the website at queencreekindependent.com. I’ve been asked several times recently about where to e-mail news […]

Barker: Change plane approach patterns at Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport

Read your article on quiet zones for the railroad. Nice article, but here’s a topic that should be looked into pertaining to quiet zones. Allegiant Airlines takes off and has planes on final approach directly above my residence (neighborhood/Charleston Estates-Queen Creek). We’re located in what is known as “zone  three,” supposedly the best zone on […]

Barr: Queen Creek Citizen Leadership Institute adds sign at Desert Wells Stage Stop

As a group from the Queen Creek Citizen Leadership Institute, we were tasked with coming up with ideas for a local project that we could do which would have a positive impact on our community. For our project, prompted by a suggestion from the town, we decided to add a sign to the Desert Wells […]

Denman: Fantastic PTO at Desert Mountain Elementary

I am a grandparent of two girls who attend Desert Mountain Elementary, first and second graders. I volunteer there when I can. I am retired from Gilbert School District.  I just want to give a big shout out to the PTO and friendly staff.  The PTO is so involved with this school and these parents […]

Dr. Berry: Growth, opportunity at Queen Creek Unified School District

Two words have become synonymous with Queen Creek Unified School District. Those words are growth and opportunity. We started as a K-8 district housed at one site. We became a K-12 unified district in 1985 and in 1988, the first class graduated from Queen Creek High School. Over the past 34 years we have worked […]