Trump’s first budget draws praise, pans from Arizona lawmakers

WASHINGTON – The White House said its proposed $4.09 trillion budget shows “respect for the people who pay the bills,” but Arizona Democrats said deep domestic cuts make it a “dangerous plan” that will hurt the most vulnerable Americans. The fiscal 2018 budget President Donald Trump unveiled Tuesday uses what the administration called “targeted reductions” […]

OPINION: Biggs comments on Trump’s joint address to Congress

I was honored to attend President Trump’s first address to Congress. Over the past two years, President Trump made a series of promises to the American people, and I am encouraged that he has made incredible progress toward fulfilling those promises in his first month in office. I appreciate his willingness to work alongside Congress […]

OPINION: Congressman Biggs applauds Trump’s executive order

The growth of radical Islamic terrorism over the past two decades has changed the dangers facing the world. From Sept. 11 to the many tragic events carried out by terrorists in the United States and around the world, the importance of vetting immigrants coming to America to ensure they pose no security threat has never […]