Leach: SB 1451 increases sense of integrity in Arizona initiative, referendum process

I am pleased Gov. Doug Ducey saw the benefits of my SB 1451. With his signing of the bill, Arizona has an increased sense of integrity in its initiative and referendum process. The making of law needs to be scrutinized in our state. The initiative process has a long history in Arizona, and it is […]

Smith: How the 20 percent pay raise for teachers works

With Arizona’s 2018-19 state budget now signed by the governor, I wanted to clearly explain how the 20 percent teacher pay raise was determined, how it will be provided to schools, who will be receiving raises and how much should educators expect – as there has been a great deal of misinformation about how this […]

Arizona Legislature supports ‘Ghost Army’ gold medal

The Arizona Legislature has passed a concurrent memorial resolution asking Congress to award a gold medal to the members of the World War II deception unit known as The Ghost Army. The unit, officially designated 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, used inflatable tanks, sound effects and illusion to fool the Germans in Europe. “It conducted 21 […]

Sen. Peshlakai’s Native American Day bill advances to Arizona House

The Arizona Senate has approved a bill to establish June 2 as Native American Day. Sponsored by Sen. Jamescita Mae Peshlakai, whose district spans seven counties including Pinal, the bill proposes creating a state unpaid holiday, linking Arizona with California, Nevada and South Dakota, which also have declared Native American Day an official state holiday. […]