Higley Unified School District students remember 9/11

On Monday, Sept. 10, the bell rang at Williams Field High School, signaling the end of classes for the day. A group of students gathered in the school’s courtyard as the sun’s blaze echoed off the surrounding pavement. Packages were opened and small flags were distributed. Students tenderly placed American flags into the soil, one […]

Campus-wide program connects freshmen with upperclassmen in Higley Unified School District

The transition from middle school to high school can be daunting for students as they try to juggle new responsibilities and pressures, but the Higley Unified School District’s Link Crew program at Williams Field and Higley high schools in Gilbert helps alleviate the stress. Student leaders run the campus-wide initiative the Link Crew aiming to […]

Unified Robotics offers inclusion and competition at Higley high schools

This year, both Higley and Williams Field High School will offer Unified Robotics. The program brings together typical students with peers who have unique learning styles for an extracurricular activity that engages all in the competitive sport of robotics, according to a press release. Williams Field High School launched the first full Unified Robotics team […]

Higley Unified School District recognizes its Teachers of the Year

Higley Unified School District honored its 2018 Teachers of the Year Thursday, Aug. 16, which included 14 honorees from each of the district’s campus as well as the preschools. In addition, the event included past winners, the HUSD Air Force Jr. ROTC and Higley junior Mylee Sesueur singing the national anthem. Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels […]

Higley Unified School District seeks to fill preschool openings

The Higley Unified School District still has spots available in its preschool program, which offer a plethora of programs for young children. The Higley Integrated Preschool Program offers a first-learning experience for children who are typically developing to learn and serve as peers for children who experiencing delays in development, according to a press release. The […]

Higley color guard member is a part of world championship winning team

Every summer, thousands of high school and college-age students spend their vacation competing on the Drum and Bugle Corps circuit. Higley students who participate bring back to the school — and to fellow marching band members — their experience and in-depth knowledge. Higley color guard member Andres Hinogiante is one such student. He was a […]

Coronado Elementary’s Jones is top speller in Region 6 bee

Coronado Elementary School sixth-grade student Elena Jones is the 2018 Region 6 spelling bee champion. She spelled “vamplate” to beat 34 other competitors and earn first place at the regional bee. The competition was held Feb. 15 at Queen Creek Performing Arts Center, 22149 E. Ocotillo Road. Elena, 11, was the runner-up in the Higley […]

Spelling bee champ Reinhart to represent Higley school district at regional contest

  With a district runner-up spelling bee title in 2017, Devin Reinhart of Cortina Elementary School put a goal in place for this year. She wanted to be the Higley district champion. The Queen Creek sixth-grader did just that in January. Now she will represent Higley Unified School District along with Elena Jones from Coronado […]

Higley High School Athletic Hall of Fame inaugural induction held

With Higley High School embarking on its 15th year as a school, the administration announced the creation of the Athletic Hall of Fame. The inaugural class was recognized prior to kickoff of the homecoming game on Sept. 18. The evening started with a 5:45 p.m. reception in the media center.
More than 60 members of the Knights Athletic Program have been invited to be included in this special event. Twenty-eight individual state champions and four championship teams will make up the population of the first induction class. Each student-athlete will be presented with an individual picture commemorating the accomplishment.
Following the events, plaques donated by sponsors for each individual and team will be on display at the school.

Rivalry is three way for some Queen Creek high schools

Rivalry is as much a part of football as pep rallies before the game. But for some Queen Creek schools, they don’t have one traditional rival, they have at least two, sometimes more.

The first time Queen Creek played Higley High School was the 2004-5 season and the rivalry has stuck. During those years, Higley and Queen Creek were both single high school districts.

“Higley has been a rival with Queen Creek for a lot of years and it has just continued,” Queen Creek coach Travis Schureman said. “Part of it was that it was the closest school to Queen Creek for a long time.”

Higley’s Eddy Zubey is in his fifth season as head coach.

“It started from what I know, when the school opened and they started playing varsity football,” Zubey said. “Higley’s varsity team has only beaten Queen Creek’s varsity one time in the 12 years of its existence.”

Even though Queen Creek has dominated the varsity games against Higley, there is still a rivalry, Zubey said.

“Our players grow up with these kids, they go to the same church, they play youth sports together,” he said.

While Higley may not have beaten Queen Creek at the varsity level in some time, they have won games against the freshman and junior varsity teams. This is the first team that are all Zubey’s players. And Higley played Queen Creek on Sept. 25.

“This is our best opportunity to beat those guys (Queen Creek) while I have been head coach,” Zubey said during an interview the week of the game.
Then Williams Field opened in 2008.

“I would say Queen Creek has been a little more balanced of a series,” Williams Field coach Steve Campbell said.

Williams Field played Queen Creek on Sept. 18, bringing the series to a three game tie.

“They won the first couple then we won one then we beat them in regular season and they beat us in the regular season,” Campbell said of Queen Creek.

Queen Creek and Williams Field started playing each other in the 2011-12 season. Queen Creek won that game 22-20.

“For the most part all of the games have been really close,” Campbell said.

Schureman said his team looks forward to playing Williams Field.

“We play a similar type of football,” Schureman said.

When Queen Creek and Williams Field started playing each other the games were always at the end of the season to see who was going to be section champions, Campbell said.

“They ended up not in our section now,” Campbell said. “But I don’t think it took anything away from the rivalry and how much it meant in last week’s game.

During the 2013-14 season, Queen Creek and Williams Field played twice. Williams Field won the regular season game, and Queen Creek won the semi-final playoff game.

Wide receiver Justis Stokes makes a run for Williams Field. Williams Field won the game 17-14 over Queen Creek. (Courtesy of Gwendolyn Flake)
Wide receiver Justis Stokes makes a run for Williams Field. Williams Field won the game 17-14 over Queen Creek. (Courtesy of Gwendolyn Flake)

“It seems like we’re always playing those guys,” Schureman said.

Higley has never beaten Williams Field at the varsity level.

“It’s a goal of ours every year,” Zubey said. “Just as beating Queen Creek is a goal of our football program.”

Higley and Williams Field are only three miles apart. Higley will play Williams Field at home on Oct. 2.

But competitiveness isn’t the only thing that factors in to the rivalries, Campbell said.

“We have families that are divided,” Zubey said. “We have brothers and or sisters going to Higley and their brother and or sister goes to Williams Field, for various reasons.”

Now that the Arizona Interscholastic Association has changed the divisions, the schools are playing schools they have never played before but are closer proximity than their historical rivals.

“As we change conferences, this year we played Campo Verde, which is two miles away and we played Gilbert, which is right down the street,” Campbell said. “It’s the same kind of thing, a lot of our kids grew up and played each other.”

Campbell said the conference changes were not getting rid of the rivalry but actually adding more.

“If you look at attendance when we are playing these teams, we have had great attendance at every game so far,” Campbell said.

Campbell said he felt the increase in attendance was due to the schedule changes of playing closer schools.

“Just because there is an interest side to it, that there are so many schools so close together, that a lot of people on the campuses know each other.” Campbell said. “They played youth football together or travel baseball, there’s just a lot of cross over.”

Queen Creek is the farthest rivalry school.

“The ironic part is that out of all those schools Queen Creek is one of the furthest schools and our kids have very little cross over with Queen Creek,” Campbell said “But because competitiveness of our games and what has been on the line, it has created the rivalry.”

Schureman said it adds to the high school experience.

“It’s just great for high school football to have a rival,” Schureman said. “It’s what you play high school football for, these are the things that kids will remember for the rest of their lives.”

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