Unpermitted discharge of treated water into Queen Creek Wash has stopped, ADEQ says

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality issued a water quality advisory on Jan. 11 for the unpermitted discharge of recycled water from Johnson Utilities’ Pecan Water Reclamation Plant into Queen Creek Wash in the San Tan Valley area. EPCOR notified ADEQ that the discharge has stopped and this advisory is no longer in effect, ADEQ […]

Unpermitted discharge of treated water into Queen Creek reported in San Tan Valley, ADEQ says

[Update: On Jan. 15, ADEQ said in a release, “There is no impact to Johnson Utilities’ drinking water systems and there has not been a release of untreated sewage into the environment.” Also, “EPCOR notified ADEQ of a spill of treated recycled water on Jan. 6 and an impending controlled release on Jan. 7. ADEQ […]

Queen Creek council executive session Jan. 16 includes utility agreement with Johnson Utilities

A potential utility interconnection agreement with EPCOR as interim manager of Johnson Utilities Co. is a topic on the six-item, closed-door executive session agenda for the Jan. 16 Queen Creek Town Council meeting. The meeting, which is not open to the public, begins at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Ironwood Conference Room in the Community […]

Queen Creek requests the ACC to amend Johnson Utilities’ convenience certificate

The Town of Queen Creek recently filed two applications with the Arizona Corporation Commission requesting an amendment to the Certificate of Convenience and Necessity granted to Johnson Utilities for wastewater services. The applications request the removal of three areas of undeveloped land, all within the Town of Queen Creek’s water service area, according to a […]

Epcor Water moves to take over as interim manager at Johnson Utilities

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the vote for the Arizona Corporation Commission. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. At a July 26 hearing, with a vote of 4-0, the Arizona Corporation Commission voted to approve an interim manager to temporarily take over operations of Johnson Utilities, which […]

Pfeifer: Temporary management change at Johnson Utilities long overdue

It’s no secret that Johnson Utilities has serious problems that point directly to poor management practices. Some have questioned a decision to appoint EPCOR as the interim new managers of Johnson Utilities.  In my opinion this decision is not only smart but could be the only way Johnson Utility customers can get the quality of […]

Queen Creek ‘thankful’ interim manager approved for Johnson Utilities, mayor says

The Arizona Corporation Commission at a July 26 hearing voted 4-0 to appoint EPCOR as the interim manager of Johnson Utilities. The appointment is a result of the commission’s assistant chief administrative law judge’s recommended opinion and order issued on July 12 and approved by the commission on July 24, according to a release. The […]

Queen Creek Town Council executive session July 25 on Johnson Utilities

The Queen Creek Town Council is to meet in a closed-door executive session July 25 to discuss and consult with the town’s attorney for legal advice on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s actions related to Johnson Utilities. The meeting, which is not open to the public, begins at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Ironwood Conference Room […]

Forese: Commissioners to discuss appointing interim manager for Johnson Utilities

In the matter of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s investigation of the billing and water quality issues of Johnson Utilities LLC, Docket No. WS-02987A-18-0050: It was reported to me that Johnson Utilities recently pulled over 30 water meters across San Tan Valley causing multiple construction projects to stop. This lack of water has also prevented the […]

Cloud, Dr. Deal: Independent interim management needed at Johnson Utilities

The Association of Christian Churches and Non-Profits, in San Tan Valley and in Queen Creek, stands in solidarity with the concerned citizens of San Tan Valley in seeking immediate justice and reform in the Johnson Utilities Co. for the health and welfare of our families, children, our water and our air. Since 2008, the ACCO, https://www.facebook.com/TheACCO, […]