Cloud, Dr. Deal: Independent interim management needed at Johnson Utilities

The Association of Christian Churches and Non-Profits, in San Tan Valley and in Queen Creek, stands in solidarity with the concerned citizens of San Tan Valley in seeking immediate justice and reform in the Johnson Utilities Co. for the health and welfare of our families, children, our water and our air. Since 2008, the ACCO,, […]

Niu: ‘I want the future of San Tan Valley to thrive’

I was reading the Queen Creek Independent newspaper and read your article on “San Tan look to form local government.” I am a resident in unincorporated San Tan Valley but my mailing address is Queen Creek 85142 and not considered a “QC” resident. I was raised here in the San Tan mountains and have been […]

Richards: Challenging the status quo of HOAs

HOAs. The status quo should no longer be acceptable. When HOA boards use their power to unfairly seize control of all the playing cards, homeowners don’t stand a chance. Are you willing to help bring back balance and fair play? My name is David Richards. I am a 71-year-old disabled veteran who served his country […]

Frantz: Moved to San Tan Valley to get away from frivolous costs

In response to: “Speak Out: Moved to San Tan Valley to be rural Arizonans”: Well written. I have the same sentiments. I moved to get away from the “we need parks, rec centers and special pavers in the streets,” which always brought higher taxes. Most, nowadays, move to get away from frivolous costs and related […]

Speak Out: Moved to San Tan Valley to be rural Arizonans

I am taking you up on your invitation in the May 1, 2018, Queen Creek Independent, page 6, to comment on the potential incorporation of an area called San Tan Valley, Arizona, 85140. We moved here to continue to be rural Arizonans. We know what it is like to be forced out for the sake […]

Jenney, Brown: How exactly is our taxpayer money spent in Arizona?

As taxpayers in Arizona, our hard-earned money contributes to a wide range of items: Employee salaries. Health care. Education. Public safety. Office supplies. The list goes on and on. While reasonable people may disagree on how our taxpayer dollars should be spent, we should all be able to agree that public accountability can help to […]

OPINION: Thank you for coverage of healthy breast tissue collection

I want to offer my sincere thanks to the women of the Phoenix area who selflessly donated a piece of themselves to breast cancer research. On Saturday, March 3, nearly 100 women allowed my colleagues and me to collect samples of their healthy breast tissue for use by the Komen Tissue Bank at the Indiana […]

OPINION: Thank you to all who have donated to Pan de Vida children

A big thank you to all who have donated to Pan de Vida children. We are doing amazing things with your donation. For those of you who have not filed your state taxes, please remember that couples can give up to $800 when filing as a couple and a single person filing their state tax […]

OPINION: East Valley mom has praise, words of wisdom, encouragement

Congratulations to all graduates this year. You’ve accomplished so much so far and for that, you should be extremely proud of yourselves. Best of luck to you in the future. You did it. Yay. Now I am compelled and feel it’s also important to acknowledge the kids who are not apart of this group—yet. In […]

OPINION: Regional group’s economic committee chair gives update

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