Palmaymesa: Mandatory military or Peace Corps service needed

We should implement a policy of mandatory military service for all upon graduation from high school. In the case of those who drop out, make the service mandatory at age 18. If they are unfit for military service, then service in the Peace Corps would be an acceptable alternative. If the person is not able […]

Barker: Change plane approach patterns at Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport

Read your article on quiet zones for the railroad. Nice article, but here’s a topic that should be looked into pertaining to quiet zones. Allegiant Airlines takes off and has planes on final approach directly above my residence (neighborhood/Charleston Estates-Queen Creek). We’re located in what is known as “zone  three,” supposedly the best zone on […]

Denman: Fantastic PTO at Desert Mountain Elementary

I am a grandparent of two girls who attend Desert Mountain Elementary, first and second graders. I volunteer there when I can. I am retired from Gilbert School District.  I just want to give a big shout out to the PTO and friendly staff.  The PTO is so involved with this school and these parents […]

Davis: That was front page news?

I must be missing something.  I wish the front-page article (April 1, 2019, issue of the Queen Creek Independent) had explained why Apache Junction resident Julie Jenkins’ snarky Facebook post about Queen Creek residents was front-page news. “QC feeds off the people who want new, shiny, pretty and expensive things.  It’s close enough to Gilbert […]

Turko: Arizona foster care tax credit remains a sure thing

While a state of limbo lingers as legislators work to conform Arizona tax law to changes in the federal tax code, one thing remains certain – there is an easy way to help children in foster care. The Arizona foster care tax credit reduces your state income tax obligation one dollar for every dollar you […]

Dyer: Denied access to Queen Creek records? E-mail me what happened, when

Have you been denied access to public records that the Town of Queen Creek retains as a municipality? If yes, please e-mail me at with when it was, what you asked for and what the town said when it denied you access. Since January, Independent Newsmedia editors in Arizona — including here in Queen […]

Rogers: Get regular checkups, understand family history of cancer

Four times in my life, I’ve sat across from a doctor and heard the words you never want to hear: “Keith, you have cancer.” The first time, it was testicular cancer. The second time it was kidney, followed shortly thereafter by thyroid. And in 2011, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’ve spent many of […]

Dill: Medicare can help you stay healthy

You may have heard something lately about “preventive health care.” What does that mean? At its most basic, preventive health care means living a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet. Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. And stop smoking. Like anyone else, people with Medicare can benefit from healthy living habits. But Medicare covers a […]

Galai: Prosecutors have the power to stop bad roadside drug tests from ruining people’s lives

Three years ago, Dasha Fincher was arrested in Monroe County, Georgia, after deputies performed an on-the-spot test of a bag of blue substance that they found in the car in which she was a passenger. The suspicious stuff tested positive for methamphetamines. After her arrest, the judge in her case set bail at $1 million because she […]

Arizona poll: Clean energy provides economic opportunity

Arizonans overwhelmingly embrace the idea of growing the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and believe clean energy is important to Arizona jobs and the economy, according to a new statewide poll. Arizonans’ support for cleaner energy comes at a time when new energy technologies — such as solar, electric vehicles and energy efficiency […]