Opinion: Help Queen Creek retain its small town feel – Make a friend from a stranger

Small town charm. Queen Creek residents tell me all the time that’s why they moved here. That’s what the majority of people polled in the town’s 2017 Citizen Survey said. With the tremendous amount of growth taking place locally, people also say they are concerned the town could lose that warm and friendly feel and […]

OPINION: Let’s make a deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement

With a major tax reform bill signed into law and the deregulation of the economy in full-swing, this is the time to make progress on some of the major elements of immigration reform and protect and, ultimately, modernize NAFTA so we can lock in a decade or more of 3 percent economic growth or better. […]

Opinion: Digital technology is dangerous to the digital family

The digital family and robotic relationships have destroyed the physical communication critical for a healthy and meaningful life of our families, children and next generation. Wonder why there in an increase in teen suicides and depression among our youth and adults in today’s society? Have you ever asked yourself, why? The Digital Age is destroying […]

Opinion: Air-traffic-control privatization a concern for Arizona airports

I have worked in aviation in Arizona for 29 years, working my way up from an aircraft re-fueler in Phoenix to my current role as manager of the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport.  I have traveled and worked all around this great state of ours, enjoying the vastly different climates and terrains – all of which drive […]

Opinion: Writer expects to hear from state officials to improve Arizona education system

Facebook asked me what’s on my mind? Well, I sent Gov. Ducey, Senate President Yarbrough and Speaker Mesnard an e-mail earlier today. If you know me at all I spoke to them about our Arizona K-12 education system. The last thing I asked them was for them to introduce me to the state employee who […]

OPINION: Elections are the base of our form of government

“Treason can never prosper. For when treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason.” (Authentic American proverb) Let us re-word that: “Election fraud can never prosper. For when election fraud doth prosper, none dare call it election fraud.” No. That’s not quite right. How about, “Election fraud cannot be called election fraud. For the officials […]

OPINION: Phoenix group tries to keep us from getting roads, freeways

The Phoenix crowd is at it again. The Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute is trying to keep Pinal County residents from voting on a plan to provide new roads and freeways to communities across our county. The Institute is suing our elected leaders. And if voters say yes to Propositions 416 and 417, approving a plan to […]

OPINION: Letter writer explains how to hire a president

As I understand it, big corporations need chief executive officers – presidents. They do not choose up sides and divide into parties and campaign for the office. They do not have everyone (from the elevator operator on up) vote for the new CEO. Corporations choose a hiring committee which can take the time for a […]

OPINION: NAFTA renegotiation is an opportunity for Arizona to lead

Word in mid-May that U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer informed Capitol Hill of the Trump administration’s opening of a 90-day consultation period with Congress that will set the stage for a formal renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement should be viewed as an opportunity, especially for Arizona. We’ve known since the president was […]

OPINION: How to lower your Medicare drug costs

Driving near Monterey, California, recently, I stopped at a roadside stand to buy some freshly picked strawberries. May is high season for California strawberries and the fields were exploding with beautiful, ripe fruit. The gentleman working the stand, Jack, asked what I do for a living. When I told him I work for Medicare, he […]