Thank your teacher this year

It’s that time of year when students are back in school. This year, the Independent wants to celebrate the great achievements that teachers are doing inside the classroom. The Independent welcomes monthly teacher appreciation submissions from the local school districts, students, parents and the community. The Independent will then publish a photo and write-up about […]

Independent Newsmedia launches new Community Advocate Thinktank

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood news editor. I’ve been serving as your community news editor at Independent Newsmedia for one year. In that time, I’ve strived to bring a conscientious approach to hyperlocal reporting. We believe in the importance of writing articles with purposeful neutrality and providing a solid understanding of all sides of a […]

Bisson: We serve readers online daily; Sign up for enewsletter

We’ve launched our 13th print publication, the Litchfield Park Independent, where we’re serving the City of Litchfield Park residents, welcoming new readers to join us online at We print five weekly newspapers, five monthly newspapers, a senior lifestyles magazine and a daily newspaper that serves the Phoenix market. The Daily News-Sun is a nonpartisan […]

Bisson: Donations help during holidays

ICM Food & Clothing Bank needs your help to make the holidays brighter for children of low-income families. “We have 200 children that have not been adopted this year — out of 500,” stated Abby Loza, director of volunteers and programs for ICM Food & Clothing Bank. “We are desperate for donations.” According to the […]

Bisson: We welcome your submissions

It’s Arizona’s “busy” season with winter visitors returning to enjoy our cooler temperatures. With the return of winter visitors, comes lots of activities that make our communities a great place to live. We’re covering numerous events on our digital dailies —,,, and — so be sure to bookmark our Web […]

Bisson: Organization touts no one faces cancer alone

Don’t Google cancer. That’s sound advice from Debbie DiCarlo, CEO of Cancer Support Community. She’s been visiting various community groups spreading the message that there are many myths and preconceived ideas on the Internet that are simply not true about cancer. Cancer Support Community is located in a two-story house, 360 Palm Lane, Phoenix, offering […]

Group performs complimentary Taps at funerals

While we’re celebrating our freedom on Independence Day, let us remember those who have served our country in making it great, and those who are still fighting for our freedoms. From local community activists to our military men and women, we thank you. I received a letter from Roger C. Ellis and his wife, Mitzi, […]

Bisson: active military remembered on Fridays, at homes

Roughly 1.3 military men and women are on active duty in the United States, and about 200,000 are overseas, according to statistics at the Defense Manpower Data Center. Before the color “red” became synonymous with education in Arizona, there’s been a more than decade-long effort to wear red on Fridays to show support for our […]