Biuso: Burn-out recognized as medical diagnosis by World Health Organization

Some days, your job may feel like an uphill battle. Perhaps it’s a struggle to be consistently productive or to even motivate yourself to get in the door. It’s normal to feel checked out of your job sometimes, but when you feel this daily it may be something more. Burn-out is no longer just a […]

Allazetta: 5 tips for choosing a health plan

This fall millions will head to the polls to cast their vote in the mid-term elections, but they have another important choice to make as well: their health care coverage for 2019. More than one million people in Arizona will have the opportunity to select or switch their health insurance plans for 2019 during “open” […]

Autumn: Help lower employee stress and improve productivity

In the workplace, a modest amount of stress can be normal. But sustained levels of stress can be harmful and may lead to numerous health issues, affect professional and family relationships, and contribute to poor work performance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “40 percent of workers say that their jobs are […]