Groundwater-replenishment costs lowering for many Queen Creek property tax bills

Beginning in fiscal year 2020-21, Queen Creek water customers who were paying $721 an acre-foot for groundwater-replenishment costs in their property-tax bills will be paying approximately $300 an acre-foot. An acre-foot is a common measurement for water and is 325,851 gallons — or enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of […]

Baxley-Gores: Water conservation needs to be a priority in Queen Creek

As an Arizona native, I recognize the importance of water conservation in our great state.  In our household, we make every attempt to conserve water as much as possible and where practical. Unfortunately, I live in a neighborhood here in Queen Creek, that has strict HOA guidelines that actually “prohibits” desert- or zero-scape yards.  We […]

Queen Creek follows Water Awareness Month with landscaping workshop 

The town of Queen Creek has immersed itself in Water Awareness Month, providing residents with facts, tips and advice on how to conserve the precious Arizona resource.  Simple water-saving techniques, such as turning off the water while brushing teeth or watering lawns in the morning during the summer, not only help save water, they can also help reduce monthly water bills, […]

Technical error prevents some Queen Creek water utility bills from being sent

The town of Queen Creek is notifying its water utility customers not to panic if they did not receive a statement in December. “We experienced a technical error that resulted in a portion of our households not receiving their statement in December. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused,” the town posted Dec. […]

Queen Creek water customers can pay bill online

The town of Queen Creek offers four ways for water customers to pay their bill. The following payment methods are available, according to a press release: Online: Payments can be made directly on the town’s website, or via bill pay through the customer’s bank. To pay directly through the town’s website, visit To pay a […]